Value voucher

Benefits of value vouchers

With a value voucher, you can buy all types of passenger tickets and tickets for all types of vehicles and achieve a 25% discount. You may also use the value vouchers for vehicles not entitled to a discount. See fares under Fares. 

PLEASE NOTICE: To be entitled to a discount, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient money on your value voucher as the discount is calculated and transferred to your account after your purchase.  

Purchasing value vouchers

You may purchase your value voucher from the ticket machine by the ferry in Faaborg.

The first time you purchase a value voucher, you must key in your name, address, telephone number and e-mail. Afterwards, you may transfer DKK 1000, DKK 3000 or DKK 5000 to your value voucher. 

You will then receive a four- digit customer number, which is personal and must be used in connection with future transactions.

A value voucher costs DKK 100.