Avernakø actually consists of two islands, Avernakø and Korshavn, which became connected by a dam called Drejet in 1937. Together, Avernakø and Korshavn have a coastline of 19 kilometres.  

We are about 100 people living here, spread across an area of 596 acres of land. The topography is very interesting and the island has plenty of space available for both tourists and newcomers who want to settle here. Whether you want to rent a summerhouse, a flat or maybe just want to camp out in the open, we have all options here. 

If you enjoy sailing, you may choose to get here by yacht. In case you want some light exercise, you may want to cycle or walk around the island - or you may some here simply to enjoy the unique nature and atmosphere that we treasure so much. Fishing is good if you like sea trout, and if you are lucky, you may hear the bell-like sound of the rare Klokkefrø (Fire-bellied Toad, lat. Bombina bombina).  For birdwatchers, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the marsh harrier or kestrel in flight, as well as several shore birds. To be able to enjoy all these opportunities, we protect our nature and we kindly ask you to do the same when you visit Avernakø. 

In Avernakø you can taste local produce at some of the farms and in the village we still honour the old folklore tradition of erecting a Maypole each year in spring. 


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