Read this before you make a reservation

All persons, bicycles and other vehicles must be booked in advance.

You need your telephone number and the registration number for your vehicle when booking your reservation.

A reservation requires you to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure.

In case you have not arrived 15 minutes prior to departure, your booking will be annulled.

In case you want to cancel your reservation, you must do so no later than 30 minutes prior to departure via the online booking system. In case you cancel a pre-paid reservation more than 30 minutes before departure, you will automatically be reimbursed.

When booking island hopping, you have to book three individual departures. For example 1) Faaborg to Lyø 2) Lyø to Avernakø 3) Avernakø to Faaborg.

Caravans, trailers, portable vehicle cabins and other types of trailers can only be transported in case a vehicle not owned by the shipping company tows them.

We wish all passengers a pleasant crossing.