On board


Safety policies on board are communicated in Danish 

We take safety on board very seriously, and we encourage all passengers to carefully read the information sign ”Safety on board” on the ferry.  

As the ferry is a workplace, it is prohibited to board the ferry or to stay onboard without permission from the crew. 
You are not allowed to stay on the car deck or in your car during the crossing. 
Remember to leave your car in gear with the hand brake on. 

Arrival and departure

You are not allowed to drive on board or off board the ferry until the loading officer gives you directions.

Bicycles and mopeds

Bicycles and mopeds must be parked in accordance with directions from the loading officer.

Dogs, cats and other pets

Dogs, cats and other pets must be on lead or kept in a transportation cage. You may bring them to the saloon and to the sun deck and they travel free of charge. You are not allowed to check on animals left in the car during the crossing.

Smoking and litter

Smoking is only allowed on the sun deck and strictly prohibited anywhere else on the ferry.
Kindly use the ashtrays and litterbins onboard – and please do not throw any litter overboard. 

Drinking water

The water onboard is kept in tanks and is not suited for drinking. 
We advise you to purchase drinks from the vending machines.


Beer, soft drinks, coffee and hot chocolate may be purchased from the vending machines in the saloon.


In accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act, the shipping company only has limited liability. No liability or responsibility is accepted by the company regarding consequences of potential delays or operational problems related to the ferry service. 

The company has limited liability for the transportation of passengers, goods and live animals. 

The timetable and fares may be subject to change.